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A Better Feel Like None Other

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By Ricky Pannell Jr., CMT

Just A Touch.

A Better Feel was created for each person in need of a massage to receive a personalized session in a place of their comfort. Whether in your backyard, hotel, or home, wherever you are, A Better Feel will be there for you! Allow Ricky Pannell Jr., owner and operator, to show you what separates us from other massage experiences!

The Deep Dive

Upon successful completion of LCC’s Therapeutic Massage program (500+ hours), Ricky Pannell Jr. was able to secure an opportunity with the franchise Massage Green Spa, based in Lansing, Mi. This was in 2016 and during that yearly experience, Ricky was able to see a variety of clients with various issues. Most of the clients were walk-ins with a splash of regulars that already had preferred therapists. This environment was more of a “get in where you fit in” situation and honestly, Ricky felt he would shine more at a place that was less saturated.

Once 2017 rolled around, Ricky was fortunate to have a college friend from MSU introduce me to her mom who owned and operated a massage spa- Gina’s Healing Hands Spa (Sturgis, Mi). However, this opportunity would come with a journey attached– 170+ miles roundtrip 1-2 days a week. From this experience, Ricky gained many benefits: nuances of operating a massage service (pricing, marketing, logistics, financials), travel durability (ability to endure travel various distances for sessions), learning new modalities Shiatsu, foot massage) and the clientele were a category all their own.

After a few years with Gina, Ricky felt confident enough to start out on his own and that’s when A Better Feel came into fruition. One of his first sessions was in the Greater Kalamazoo area (Portage). The initial excitement he got from seeing the new model he set in place being successful, is what keeps ABF thriving today!

The purpose of A Better Feel is to provide clients with an in-home option that they once felt was afforded to only the affluent or need I say it “something you ONLY see on TV.” I have honestly heard that statement numerous times and am elated knowing that I’m able to provide such an indelible experience for that person or parties!

Let’s Get You Booked! ~ abetterfeel.net

When booking with ABF, you get a seamless process that involves directly communicating with the owner and getting a detailed understanding of what your booking requires and entail based on your preference. After the details have been secured (date, time, type of session, etc.), a confirmation is sent via text or email (client’s preference). No need to stress about using any of your own items, EVERYTHING will be provided: Sanitized table, Freshly Laundered sheets and face cover, Oils and Balms (infused option available), Music via Bluetooth Speaker, and Portable Fan/ Heater! However, I’m never opposed to the idea of a client bringing their own tools either to bring comfort to their sessions–tables, music, oil (discount provided.) 

The More The Merrier

Not only are there sessions available for one person, A Better Feel has also been able to cater to an array of parties and provide an intimate touch where some never thought was possible! Bachelorette parties, ladies nights, birthdays, game nights, get togethers–you name it, if a chair or table can fit in the space, ABF will be there! Every celebration we’ve participated in has been nothing short of a monumental occasion!

Where To Find ABF

Speaking of being there, ABF services a 200-mile radius in the state of Michigan in either direction (East/ West) with East Lansing/ Lansing (state’s capital) being the central point as that’s where ABF is headquartered.  ABF has gained great popularity in these regions: Greater Lansing Area, Metro Detroit, Greater Kalamazoo Area, Metro Grand Rapids, Southwest Michigan and expanding as the word spreads!

Community engagement is also something A Better Feel prides itself on and you can see ABF throughout the Lansing community, whether it be a charitable event or the Southside Farmers Market. For any other groups that are looking to add a more holistic and relaxing experience to their event, feel free to get in contact with us at abetterfeel.net and let’s make memories together for all parties involved!

With reviews across various online platforms, such as Thumbtack, Google, and social media, ABF has been able to gain a presence throughout Michigan and the goal is to gain national reach!

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