10 Epic Playroom Ideas That Make You Want To Be A Kid Again

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Creating a space for your kid to grow and play should and can be a fun-filled experience. But it can also be demanding and a tough one. After all, a functional, beautiful room your child will love now and for years is a pretty tall order!

Out of all the rooms in your house, the playroom is by far the most fun to decorate. They are fun to gawk out, especially over the top. From epic arts and crafts stations to at-home climbing walls, kids-only crawl spaces, playpens, and more, this article will spotlight ten (10) playroom ideas that will bring out the kid in all its readers. Read on for design inspiration to try these playroom ideas in your home, whether you want to merge it with your kid’s bedroom, go over the top, or create a space that will mature well and be a place the whole family can enjoy.

10 Epic Playroom Ideas

Warning: Your little one may not want to leave their room after taking this decorating advice.

1. A Space To Be Creative. A chalkboard wall is perfect for kids to create and decorate. They will be drawing all over the walls anyway, so you might as well embrace it.  

2. Have Fun With Wall Decor. Use your five walls strategically when you have limited space in the playroom. You can check out Nicki Geigert’s Inspiring child-friendly wall art for children’s rooms. Geigert’s wall arts include a mother and baby lemur in a tree, a baby squirrel on a branch, and a baby chimpanzee clinging to its mother. Name it, and Nicki has wall arts for kids’ rooms and play spaces inspired by and for children.   

3. Find Smart Storage Solutions. Since design is bound to be more fun and kid-friendly in a playroom than in other rooms in the home, you can do unexpected things, like choose neon artwork and graffiti-print upholstery. But if there is one thing you need to take seriously in the playroom, it is storage. The shelves under the bench and built-in cabinets will keep things tidy and organized.

4. Add a Workstation. Once the little ones get a little older, turn the playroom into a kid’s homework space and hang out. Dark walls make a relaxing, chill space to work in. A daybed is also the perfect place for sleepovers and catnaps, and movie marathons.

5. Use Space Strategically.  Just because you do not have a giant space does not mean there is no room for play. It is all about using space strategically. 

6. Embrace A Theme. Think like a kid. You can draw inspiration from your child. He might want that island’s maritime roots and create a lower-level playroom filled with nautical details like porthole-shaped cubbies, a rope bridge, and an overhead star map. Or, a tickled-pink playroom for your daughter with paired bursts of florals and painterly hearts for a dazzlingly sweet effect. 

7. Choose Games Wisely. Investing in a posh ping-pong table will ensure that everyone has fun, but it also blends into the looks and upscale space. 

8. Make It Adult-Friendly, Too.  Turn an entire level—preferably an attic or a den that feels like its own private retreat—into a game zone dedicated to entertaining kids, teens, and adults alike.

9. Use Kid-Friendly Furniture. A lavish velvet sofa is the perfect seating choice for a family room meets playroom. A back deck works as a craft station and can be transformed into a desk as the child ages.

10. Combine It With the Media Room. With colorful floor cushions, built-in storage under the extra bench seating, kid-friendly coffee tables, and whimsical wallpaper, a media room is quirky enough to be the backdrop for a playroom.

In Closing

The key lies in developing creativity in your child’s playroom while ensuring everything feels organized. Do not be afraid to lean into your bright side by using bold paint shades to cover the walls and vibrant fabric patterns on curtains, pillows, bedding, and more. Treat your child’s drawings like masterpieces and frame them on walls for everyone to see. Most importantly, make sure there is plenty of storage to hide away all of those dolls and Legos when playtime is over.


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